About Us

PRABHAV (Protrac/Theotrac) was established with a desire to produce qualified, committed and enthusiastic youth manpower for the development of the country, by supporting and providing them opportunity for their higher education and professional training. Nepali young people getting supports from PRABHAV, they returned to their respective field, areas and serving the Nation. It is a great opportunity for Nepali youths who are still in a minority group to get higher/professional study.

We are very encouraged to see the fruit of our graduated students -Doctors, Nurses, Managers, Engineers, Teachers, Accountants etc. have been produced and they are now serving in different areas of Nepal. Encouragingly some of our students are working in the very remote areas like Jumla, Mugu, Solukhumbu, Rolpa, Gorkha, and some are in government Civil Service.

The number of deserving applicants has been increasing year after year however, due to limited resources PRABHAV is unable to provide adequate scholarship for all. For positive impact in the country, still there is need to train and educate youths.